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Monday, March 28, 2005

Delay and Schiavo Case Share Similar Issues

Is is interesting that the House Majority leader Tom Delay has a similar situation to the Terry Schiavo case with his father in 1988. His family elected to take him of life support, without the intervention of Congress, the White House, Governor's etc. The cases are not entireliy alike, but they bear more than a passing resemblance. Of course, Delay's spokeperson has said that they are completely different. Not so, in both cases, doctors have said that the patient would remain in a persistent vegetative state , suffered severe brian damage, and would not survive without machine assistance. And more important, Delay's family believed his father would not have wanted to live that way, and Delay believed it as well, without it being in writing. Sound familiar? Delay has been one of the bulls pushing for Congressional involvement in Schiavo's case, calling the removal of her feeding tube barbaric. I am not going to discuss whether it is or not, it is not my place. But isn't the removal of the feeding tube essentially the same action Delay's family in 1988 by not connecting his father to a dialysis machine? Where does he get the nerve to criticize a decision, right or wrong, that so much resembles the one his family and him made 17 years ago?

CANYON LAKE, Texas — A family tragedy that unfolded in a Texas hospital during the fall of 1988 was a private ordeal — without judges, emergency sessions of Congress or the debate raging outside Terri Schiavo's Florida hospice.
he patient then was a 65-year-old drilling contractor, badly injured in a freak accident at his home. Among the family members keeping vigil at Brooke Army Medical Center was a grieving junior congressman — Rep. Tom DeLay (news, bio, voting record) (R-Texas).
DeLay's father taken off life support years ago


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