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Saturday, March 19, 2005

Sports Media Partially to Blame for Baseball Scandal

In part, the media is to blame for sitting back and letting players breeze by unquestioned. When you see records that have stood for decades shattered in such fashion, only to see players return to their averages the next season, or when you see questionable practices by players, the media should have the responsibility to ask the questions and demand the answers to protect the integrity of the game. Baseball has become a black mark in sports. During the 1998 season, it is sickening to know that sports writers were mum on the steroids subject because they did not want to ruin baseball's magic season. Well, now you cannot ruin it, but you call into question every major record that has been broken, every player, manager, and owner involved, and more shamefully, you call into question your own self worth as a writer. Why did it take 7 years, and a book by a criminal, to break this thing open. The sports media should be ashamed of themselves. Now, on to the real important issues such as the war, economy nad government.

NEW YORK After hints of steroid use by baseball players cropped up during the record home-run season of 1998, did sports writers drop the ball on pursuing the story? Steve Wilstein thinks so, and he should know: He's the reporter who found the steroid precursor known as "andro" in the locker of onetime home-run king Mark McGwire.
Sportswriter Who Broke '98 McGwire 'Andro' Story Slams Steroid Coverage


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