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Friday, April 08, 2005

Bush and Congress Low in Polls

This should come as no surprise after the terri Schiavo push backfired on the Republican party. What is more interesting about this poll is the fact that Republicans are realizing that, while they have control of Congress and the White House, they still have a tough battle ahead. Democrats have taken a stand to some of the bullying, and I am sorry, it is bullying. This kind surprises me since Democrats have been lap dogs for the past 4 years. The public is dissatisfied with the government's performance and they should be. You should expect progress to be made when both Congress and the White House are commanded by one party, there is less oppostition. The problem here is the fact that the Republican party is at war within itself. It has been highjacked by a group of heavily right leaning leaders that do not really represent the core of the party. They will tell you that this is the face of the new Republican party and that this is what the people want. They are wrong, and they are starting to see the ill effects of bullying an agenda that does not agree with a majority of the population. Remember that Bush won with the lowest approval ratings for an incumbent, a testament to the fact that he is not viewed very favorably in matters other than terrorism. His win is more a reflection of the public's fear of changing leaders during two wars and the Kerry Campaign's ineptitude than it is of the President's performance. The Republican Party in the past has been a great party, a party of fiscal responsibility and defense. We have seen that side of the party wane and a group of rightwingers with their own agenda take over and push the more moderate and popular voices to the side. The parties take on the image of the leaders, even if they are not in agreement with most of the population. Right now, the faces of the Republican party are George Bush, Bill Frist, Tom Delay, Condoleezza Rice, Dick Cheney, Paul Wolfowitz, etc., all of them neoconservatives. I do not criticize them for their beliefs, but to impose them on a public that, in majority, is more moderate, is not right. One thing I am personally faithful to is the fact that everything in moderation is the best way, excesses and extremes are not good, whether left or right. Unfortunately, it is the Nation that pays the price for the extremes that are existent in both parties, but as of this moment, more the rightwingers because they hold the best hand and can push harder. It is up to the people to hold those responsible for the direction of the country accountable and make the necessary changes to make this country respectable once again.
Poll: Bush, Congress approval rating slips


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