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Friday, April 29, 2005

Bush Speech Fails to Score Points

Something rare happened last night, a prime time Presidential press conference. Bush's fourth since he became president. He has held fewer of these than any president in recent memory, and if you listen to him speak you can understand why. He doesn't perform well, he doesn't come across as too bright, which might be unfair because I don't think he is a dumb individual, at least not as dumb as he comes across. The White House has been very good at shielding the president from this type of spotlight because they know he is terrible in these press conferences. That in itself is indicative of how desperate the White House is right now with some of its issues, Social Security, Energy, Iraq, and so forth that they have had to schedule a much abhorred prime time press conference. But all said and done, the press conference did not do much more than reassure the public that President Bush is not going to back down. It was a very short and uninformative statement that Mr. Bush gave, and the Q&A session didn't reveal much since Mr. Bush, like any good politician, gave answers to different questions than he was asked. A few minor points came out of it, that of Social Security being adjusted for the poorer to receive higher benefits than the richer, and I liked the idea of receiving your spouse's Social Security income if she passes away. Other than that, the press conference more than anything reflected everything that has been overplayed in the media and the president did not offer anything different. Other than being flustered by pointed questions on No Child Left Behind's lack of funding and John Bolton's nomination, he didn't say anything reassuring or helpful. He did admit that the price of gas cannot be lowered by his energy bill in the short term.


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