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Monday, April 11, 2005

Law, a Knowing Accomplice to Sex Abuse, Celebrates Mass

A cannot help but agree with this protest. The hypocrisy of the Church in the child abuse scandals that went on for decades under the watch of Cardinal Law is inexcusable. Not only was he the Archbishop of Boston at the time, but he knowingly moved priests accused of sexual molestation to other parishes where they went unpunished and committed even more crimes. He also failed to inform the parents that their children were in danger. The countless number of acts committed and the lives affected have been paid off in settlements but does that really excuse the predatory behavior of these priests hiding under the house of God, and even more, does that make a cover up by Law acceptable? For him to conduct mass for the Holy Father should be a shame in the Church and a shame on him. But he will have to live with his sins, if he considers them that, and that is about as much as we can expect. It has been commenetd by other American cardinals that Law was chosen because he heads an important church, not to personally honor him. Regardless, it is in poor taste that the Vatican allows a willing accomplice to some of the most unspeakable crimes to speak at the most popular Pope in history's Mass.
Law Celebrates Mass Despite Protests


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