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Tuesday, April 12, 2005

More Iraqi Troops Than American? True or False?

We keep hearing these claims about the astounding amounts of Iraqi troops being trained. Now the President says that they outnumber American troops. Yet he presents no real evindence of the claim, we do not see any move toward troop pullout (and will not see it for a while), and not long ago, Pentagon officials could not estimate what the figure really was, but I believe the rumor was about 20,000. Now they have over 150,000? Hmm.... dubious. Let me entertain the notion for a minute. Maybe they have trained that many troops. But how good a training can it be when it lasts only three weeks? They are not training soldiers, they are giving them weapons and throwing them out after three weeks. What would our public say if we were sending our kids off to war with only 3 weeks training? I mean, just regular Army training takes about 3 months. Three weeks? These people are soldiers after three weeks? What kind of an Army do these fools (normally I don't resort to name calling, but this is just too much) think they are building? Back to reality, it seems to me very unrealistic that they have trained over 120,000 troops in less than 2-3 months time. And does the Administration really expect the public to take its word for it? After everything they have lied about? You have got to be kidding me.
Bush Says Trained Iraqi Troops Now Outnumber U.S.


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