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Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Partisanship Dominates Social Security Talks

The Social Security issue is coming to a head in Washington and partisan politics is at the front of it. Democrats are taking advantage of the public's dislike for the Bush plan and are taunting frustrated Republicans. The Republicans are angry that Democrats are not willing to offer anything and they are being vocal about it. I don't like the Bush Social Security plan, make no mistake about it. That is, personal/private (whatever they decide to call it, it is the same damn thing) accounts as a main solution to the problem. That is the equivalent of fixing a car's engine troubles by changing the tires. It does nothing. Now, I don't mind at all the idea of personal accounts as an additional option, after the problem has been fixed (not patched like they did in 1983). I think that properly instituted it could have many potential benefits, AS AN OPTION! I particularly like the idea of passing it on to my children. But I am also realistic. I understand what the problem with Social Security is. A lot of people have not taken the time to inform themselves on the issue and they just take their party's word for it. NO!! Social Security is everyone's. You have a responsibility as a member of this nation to properly inform yourself about the issues that could affect you and your family, and potentially millions of others.
Do your homework, learn what the problem is. Don't just take their words as facts. The solution does not lie in private accounts like Republican pretend (even though the White House has admitted that private accounts do not solve the problem), nor does it lie in completely pulling any cooperation into solving the issue like Democrats are doing. Work together, you will have to if you plan to fix SS. Throw out your party stripes and dress in Red, White and Blue, your nation's colors. Give this country the respect it deserves and realize that the best both parties can accomplish is done together. Meet in the middle, not the left or the right. The majority of the country stands in the middle, or moderately to the right or left, not to the extreme right or left. COMPROMISE, COMPROMISE, COMPROMISE!!
Partisan Divide on Social Security Widens


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