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Monday, May 02, 2005

Evolution on Trial in Kansas

At this stage in our civilization's existence, with all the technologies and sciences available, with theories proven over and over again, facts readily available, it seems to me incredibly stupid for someone to discredit (or try to) evolution in favor of creationism. Evolution is a proven theory, one that is occurring as we speak. That some one would completely dismiss it in favor of creationism, which is solely based on the Bible, and unproven, displays a lack of intellectual understanding and development, in other words, stupidity. Let's get something clear, I do not criticize a person's belief in creationism, that is their personal choice and I respect it. What infuriates me is the idea of not teaching evolution in schools, it is stupefying, and so is teaching creationism as a fact. A majority of scientists around the world support evolution, and so does the Vatican. Can we really be so backwards in middle America that we refuse to see the facts when they are presented to us? Is it so difficult to accept the results of science because they might not be as beautifully orchestrated as the Garden of Eden? Can people not understand that religion and science, the further you go back in time, become one? Science does not threaten religion. In fact, when you come right down to it, science can only go back so far in explaining the origins of life, after that point there are no answers (yet, and maybe there never will be) and you have to take it on faith!! Fools they are.
Evolution on trial as Kansas debates Adam vs Darwin


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