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Saturday, May 28, 2005

Intelligence Failures on Iraq Win Performance Awards

I suppose we have become a country that rewards mediocrity. Now, in the private sector, anyone who makes a mistake on the scale that the Iraq Intelligence failure was to the intelligence sector, would be fired and probably never hired again in that field. That is the way most logical industries work. But, if you work for our government, I suppose you only have to be mediocre to receive a performance award. I mean, just look at our President, no offense meant, but he was never the most qualified person to run the presidency, but he is doing it (I wouldn't say efficiently though). We are slowly becoming a country that rewards poor performance and mediocrity while the rest of the world gets more competitive. Our schools our turning out dumb kids, ignorant and stupid, and worst, proud of it. Sometimes it is the teacher's fault, but mostly it is lack of funding and poor teacher pay. Most bright minds shy away from one of the most noble professions in the world because the pay is so poor and the appreciation nonexistent. This I have some experience on seeing that my father is a teacher in Texas, one if the poorest academic states in the nation. Teachers are treated so poorly that no one wants to become one. How can we expect to compete in the world if we cannot give our children a good foundation to succeed with?
Analysts Linked to Intel Failures Rewarded


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