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Friday, May 13, 2005

Why Desecrate A Religious Book?

This is an uprising that has been brewing for several days, yet the mainstream media is still crawling when it comes to this. In Afghanistan, and other areas in the mid-east, there have been large protests against the U. S. resulting from claims that soldiers have desecrated the Koran, some claims going as far as saying that it was flushed down the toilet. Is it true? Maybe, possibly. But we do not know definitively. Newsweek magazine reported the actions in its May 9 issue and angry protests began subsequently. I do not think Newsweek would fabricate a story like this . The Army, as it always does, is playing dodgeball, and they say they cannot confirm the claims yet. Now, let me just venture a guess, do you really think that the Army is going to confirm claims that our soldiers desecrated a sacred religious document? No they are not. They will not admit anything. But let me also say that whoever committed these atrocities, if true, are idiots of unimaginable proportions. Can they not see that desecrating the sacred book of a religion that is well known for its extremist factions is going to inflame followers? Fools!! How would people in this country feel if North Koreans desecrated the Bible? Now multiply that anger times ten. Fools! As if we didn't have enough problems already!
Protests Spread in Afghanistan; 8 Killed


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