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Sunday, June 12, 2005

Another British Memo Hits the Street

A memo released in today's Washington Post edition reveals that Britain was not convinced with the Bush Administration's plans and most of all the post war plan for Iraq. The memo explains that the Brits felt the post war plan was inadequate. The memo, written 8 months prior to the war and directed to Prime Minister Tony Blair, also predicted that the invasion would have a "protracted and costly" post war occupation. So far, it seems that the memo was on the money. The memo, dated July 8, 2002, precedes the now famed Downing Street Memo of July 23, 2002. If some of you can recall, the Downing Street Memo claims that The Bush Administration fixed intellingence and facts around the policy to make the case for war. Blair and Bush have both denied that intelligence was fixed, but they have not outright denied the authenticity of the memo. Our British counterparts believed that the Bush Administration lacked the understanding of the aftermath. The Brits were also concerned that because of Washington's poor post war planning they might ask Britain to share a disproportionate share of the burden. This memo has been authenticated by British sources under the condition of anonymity because they are not authorized to talk about it.
Memo: U.S. Lacked Full Postwar Iraq Plan


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