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Sunday, June 19, 2005

Bush Will Not Pull Troops, but Pressure Will Mount

I do not think there has ever been a doubt as to whether President Bush will reduce the number of troops in Iraq. He has been clear that pulling out is not an option. Knowing that Bush has that quality of being persistent, or stubborn depending on who you talk to, the most persistent point he has pressed is that the U.S. will not pull out of Iraq. I believe him, and honestly, even though I did not support the invasion, I do think it would be a bad move to pull out the troops prematurely. The big question is, will Iraq ever be successful? I find it a very difficult undertaking, but I keep my hopes up. One things is for sure: the country will descend into chaos, more than it is already, if U.S. presence is pulled too early (unless we decide to concede defeat). This is President Bush's legacy and I do not think he is ready to give up on it. What will determine whether the President decides to pull the troops out will be the level of ongoing violence in conjunction with extreme political pressure here. What I mean by extreme political pressure is that in next year's midterm elections, congressmen will feel heavy heat from constituents to withdraw from Iraq and focus on the people's business, and those who do not comply with their constituency's demands may very well be voted out of office. I think that the amount of pressure put on the President by members of his own party as the elections get nearer will triple or even quadruple. Then you are talking about a very serious vote for pulling out, one that the President could choose to ignore, but at his own peril.
Bush: Pulling Out of Iraq Not an Option


Blogger Simply Michael said...

I agree with your comments, AND noted the fact that you refer to the president as President, capital "P," even when not using his name. At least this shows respect, and that's always a good note to start any political discourse on. Yes, I don't believe Mr. Bush cares about our so-called allies, the ineffectual U.N. (thanks for Rwanda and the Sudan, Kofi!), or anything else when it comes to securing his legacy of bringing about a free Iraq. But he is already facing dissention within his own party's ranks, not over Iraq, but rather Social Security and other "bread 'n' butter" issues. Indeed, his supporters on The Hill have to face mid-term elections next year, and no one wants to jump into a re-election foray with albatrosses like S/S or declining Medicare bennies hanging around their neck. I don't think Iraq will be Mr. Bush's downfall. In the end his empire will fall from "within" empires tend to do! Good thoughtful Blog you have here; will visit again soon, thanks!! -- MOUTH (P.S. -- I'm a Texas "EX," too, class of 1982. Can't stand Sooners, or worse, Aggies in particular!)

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