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Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Frist Backtracks, Will Call for Bolton Vote Anew

This ought to be a testament to who is really calling the shots. This morning, Sen. Frist told reporters that the Senate would not schedule any more votes on John Bolton's nomination for U.N ambassador. He said that the votes were not there and it would be a waste of time. Come in President Bush. Frist had lunch at the White House with the President and after leaving the WH he was singing a different tune. He will now push once again for a floor vote on Bolton. It remains to be seen if he will have the votes to bring cloture, then proceed to a full Senate vote. Some have suggested that Frist arrived at this decision on his own, no real push from the President. Well, I'm not stupid. I doubt very much that he went in there and thought: Wow, this is a great meal, I think I'll call for a vote on Bolton again. To me it seems more like Mr. Bush pressured him into calling for another vote to try and avoid having to appoint Bolton on a recess appointment, which would send a weak representative to the U.N.
Frist Reverses Himself, Pushes Bolton Vote


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