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Wednesday, June 29, 2005

President Bush's Prime Time Address Old News

Yesterday's presidential speech did not serve up anything that we had not know before. What President Bush did was make it very clear that we will not pull out troops anytime soon. That, and I find myself at odds with my thoughts, is likely the right decision. Pulling out of Iraq right now would spell disaster because the country is in such shambles and completely unable to provide its own security. But let me point out that this is a disaster of Bush's making. Now he is forced to clean up his own mess, and we, the American taxpayers and parents of those soldier's, are the ones sharing the real burden. Whether Iraq will work as a democracy will not be determined for quite some time. The Administration would have you believe that everything is going well, and yes, some progress is being made. What they will not tell you is that the progress being made as compared to what needs to be accomplished falls far short. The insurgency is not in its "last throes" as Dick Cheney would have you believe, it remains at least as strong as it was (according to Army commanders themselves), or if you are practical, take some of the facts into account and you can see that the level of activity by insurgents has actually increased tremendously since May 1st.

So what was Bush's speech about? It was about buying more time for the mission. He may have bought himself a little bit, but the public is impatient now. His support for the war has steadily declined and the White House is panicking. President Bush and his Administration, whose highest marks are on the War on Terror, once again wrapped himself around 9/11 and tried to morph the Iraq War into the War on Terror. As long as those two remain linked, the White House believes they can shore up the support needed. So, in yesterday's speech, the President brought up 9/11 five or more times, not only trying to make Iraq and Afghanistan one, but also trying to make support for the mission and support for the troops one and the same. While support for the mission dwindles, support for the troops NEVER dwindles. They are two separate things not to be confused. These men and women fighting did not choose to go there, they are just doing their jobs, and doing a good one at it. They are fighting the politicians' war. It was the White House that crafted the story to take us into Iraq, it was the White House along with the Pentagon that sold the country on this course of action. No surprise here that after 2 years and still no end in sight the public is starting to have doubts about a war that was sold to us in a well packaged lie.


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