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Friday, June 24, 2005

Supreme Court Rules On Land Ownership

This Supreme Court ruling could possibly be the most destructive and irrational to have been handed to the American people. Why should the government be allowed to take your land and give it to another private party? We all understand it is necessary to make that sacrifice sometimes if it is for a public service, something like a highway. The ruling, which is related to a case in New London, Connecticut, might not necessarily be bad for the their particular situation, but it sets a precedent. It opens the floodgates for local government to take anyone's property if they can soundly make a case about economic benefit for the community. Sure, you are suppossed to have checks and balances to prevent this abuse of power, or so they claim. This action would have to be approved by the legislature and the judicial branch. The questions is: once the process becomes politicized (as it will surely become), what is to prevent the inner workings of politics to corrupt it, just like it does everywhere else? To think that it cannot be abused is stupid. When we have an Administration in the White House, the highest office of the land, that has proven that checks and balances can be sidestepped, do they really think that this precedent will not be subject to abuse because there are checks and balances? This ruling will have far reaching consequences, maybe not immediately, but a case will come up in the future where this ruling will hurt Americans.

How far we have fallen from where our founding fathers stood. This nation was built upon the right to own your land, it drives everything we stand for, ownership. Our President believes in it so much that he is pusing a Social Security plan that fails to solve the problem, but it includes ownership. So why is the most important asset that an American can have being raped by the Supreme Court of the United States? It is a sad day in our country.
Supreme Court Rules Cities May Seize Homes


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