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Thursday, July 21, 2005

London Hit Again In Less Than Two Weeks

Sadly, this morning London was the victim of another terrorist attack. Although it was a minor attack, so far no casualties, the fact remains that its only two weeks after the attacks the killed more than 50 and injured hundreds more . The bombings were very similar but not as powerful. They detonated at approximately the same time in three sections of the subway system and one bus, just like the previous attack. The significance of this attack is not so much in its destructive nature as it is in the fact that Great Britain, previously a small dot on the Islamic extremist movement radar is now a major target, the second most important target after the United States. British PM Tony Blair, though he truly believes that the Iraq War was necessary to protect England, has successfully enlarged England's importance in the jihadists world. They are now part of the same western decadent influence, as they see us, that the U.S. allegedly leads. THis is not England's first brush with terrorism, they have long had to deal with the IRA. But it is the first time that it has had a price on its head and the ones cashing in are Muslim extremists. It is the first time that British born muslims, raised in London, have turned against their own country. Now the threats are not only from the outside, they are also from the inside. What is more dangerous than a threat that attacks from the inside were it is more difficult to dectect because it is already a part of you? Tony Blair's involvement in the war has painted a target on Britain almost as large as the one we have here in the U.S., and it is already too late to remove it.
UK bombs meant as carbon-copy, may be same group


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