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Friday, July 01, 2005

O'Connor Retires, Not Renquist

Let the battle begin. This morning's anouncement that it would be Justice O'Connor retiring, not Justice Renquist, has already stirred up a war along party lines. Had it been Renquist retiring, there would still be a battle over the vacancy, but not as fierce as the one we will see over O'Connor's spot. Renquist is a conservative's conservative, O'Connor is a moderate conservative. The court is currently divided 5-4 conservative. If Renquist retired, the composition would still be 5-4. In O'Connor's case, should another conservative be elected, it would tilt 6-3. President Bush will most likely nominate a hard conservative to fill her vacancy, igniting a fierce battle with Democrats who will do everthing they can to avoid filling the Supreme Court with hard line rightwingers. Bush has vowed to consult the Senate, both parties included, on any nomination he puts forth, but that remains to be seen. Democrats, on the other hand, have their backs against the wall because the only tactic they have left to block a nominee is the filibuster. You all saw what happened last time an extended filibuster was used to block floor votes on nominees. This is the test everyone has been waiting for. Will the agreement between the group of 14 senators hold?
Justice O'Connor retires from Supreme Court


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