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Thursday, July 14, 2005

The Rove CIA Connection?

The Karl Rove CIA leak connection is getting hotter and hotter in Washington. Although Scott McClellan, the White House press secretary, has said that Rove has Bush's confidence, the President failed to publicly support Rove. Why? McCllelan says it is because Bush wasn't asked. Not so. President Bush gets his words across whether they ask him or not, IF he wants them to get out. This time, he refused to endorse Rove publicly, and it was probably a wise move. Will Rove be fired? Who knows? One thing you can rest assured of is that the White House will do everything it can to protect him. I will venture into speculation here as to what I think will happen, so be advised:
The White House will remain under scrutiny over the matter by an emboldened press, but they will seek to turn this into an issue of partisan politics, not the questionable behavior of a top White House official. The WH will charge, and they have already begun, that Democrats are on a witchhunt, that they just want to get back at the White House and Rove provides the perfect target. The question is, will the Democrats take the bait? Some of them are. John Kerry, Hillary Clinton, Howard Dean and several other big name people have started calling publicly for Rove's resignation. The bigger the name, the better. That will play into the WH's hand. It will seem more and more like a partisan battle than a legitimate questioning of a WH official who could possibly have committed a crime. Democrats need to back off and let the investigation proceed, they do not need to publicly pressure the WH and make it seem a partisan issue. There are ways to apply pressure behind the scenes. Keep the focus away from partisanship and aim at the actions by Karl Rove. The press has gotten behind this story so at least we can be assured that they will not drop it. Democrats need to play ball, but not WH ball, and right now that is what they are doing.
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