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Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Was Rove the Leak?

It should come as no surprise to anyone that President Bush's top political advisor and mastermind of his 2000 and 2004 campaigns has been revealed as the possible leak of CIA undercover agent Valerie Plame. Of course, Rove has admitted nothing, and don't expect him to. This will now become a political game of cat and mouse. Rove's lawyer has said that Rove did not leak anything knowingly. Yeah, I feel the same way you do about that statement. Still, it is important because if Rove is proven to be the leak, it will mean the difference between him just being forced to resign or having to face criminal charges. Rove's lawyer is already laying the protective groundwork for a possible media blitz that will follow Rove in the coming weeks. If Rove is the leak, his lawyer will base his entire defense on the notion that Rove (the most ingenious and unscrupulous campaign manager in recent history, a man that knows all facets of politics and legalities related to it) leaked the information unknowingly, therefore he cannot be charged with a criminal offense, one that in time of war could be considered treason and punishable for death. Now, this of course will never happen, nor would I want it to happen, but that is the way it used to be.

I have believed from the beginning that Karl Rove possibly had a hand in the leak, after all this is the kind of dirty work that he performed during primary and presidential campaigns, and successful ones at that. I may be proven right. That does not interest me. What I would like to see is the person who committed such a malicious act to be held to account. Unfortunately, I also think that if Rove was indeed the leak, he did not act on his authority alone. That could only mean two higher ups in the White House. But, I can guarantee that it will never get any further than Rove, after all this White House has proven very adept at keeping secrets and protecting its own.


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