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Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Bush and Intelligent Design: An Evangelical's Dream

It doesn't surprise me that President Bush would want "intelligent design", or as I call it: crap, to be taught in schools alongside evolution. After all, Mr. Bush is the leader of the party in which the extreme Christian right has taken over, a movement that has gained considerable political power since Bush came into power in 2000. "Intelligent design" is really nothing more than Creationism wrapped in a shroud of science, or more accurate, science fiction. I suppose if you think the world is 6,000 years old, that everyonel walked around naked until Adam ate the apple, if you believe in talking snakes that are evil, should I go on? then you believe in "intelligent design". Let me put this to you, the reader, and see what you think:

- If Adam and Eve were the first humans on the planet 6,000 years ago, and Cain and Abel were their children, how did a population of 6 billion emerge? First, incest would have had to be committed, after all Eve was the only woman. Then between siblings and God knows what else. Does the extreme right try to explain these questions, or do they avoid the naughty issue? Even then, if all this sin was committed, would they have had enough time to produce 6 billion people? I'm sorry but I don't think men have the stamina that would be required of them to produce 6 billion people in 6,000 years, in addition to the mathematical impossibility of the problem.

If you have a shred of common sense you should see how incredibly stupid this "intelligent design" is. Science and evolution do not explain everything, but they at least give a clearer picture as to what happened in the past. For the evangelical nuts to try and discredit evolution is ridiculous, especially after it has been proven. Are they so blind to see that because science is limited in the answers it can provide about the origin of life, at one point in the past we just have to take it on faith?
Bush evolution comment roils long-standing battle


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