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Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Bush Takes Vacation Amid Turmoil

President Bush is off again to another vacation. A 5-week vacation. Have you ever seen anything like this? He has taken more vacations than President Reagan did his entire 8 year term. At a time where there is more peril and the country is going through one of the worst times in its history he takes a 5 WEEK VACATION!!! Okay, a working vacation if you ask them, but the title vacation says it all. I'd would rather have my President in an office taking care of business than out farming. Only in America, or better said, only in the Bush administration. Who takes a 5-week vacation? Employers don't even give you a month, much less 5 weeks. How can the busiest person on the planet have time for a vacation? Soldier's dying all over the place for a war that Bush started and what is he doing? Vacationing. I'm stupefied.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hello...I am a student studying to be an educator. I have a husband and two children and we live in a suburb outside of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Isn't if "funny" how Bush can take yet another vacation, when my family cannot afford to drive to the Pocono Mountains or to the Jersey Shore because we cannot afford to fuel our car? Bush taking another vacation is one more insult to the hard-working citizens of our wonderful country. Michele

10:24 AM  

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