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Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Iraqi Constitution Delayed, Bush Administration Wrong Again

Sometimes I find it difficult to understand the way the Bush administration thinks. Are they completely out of tune, or are they intentionally putting forth their message? I am talking about the now delayed Iraqi constitution. It seemed clear to me that the constitution was very likely to be delayed. The Iraqi parliament was having a very difficult time with several issues, two in particular: the role of Islam in the law, and women's rights. Ironically these are the issues that mainly define what the Bush Administration views as critical to Iraq's freedom. As of two or so weeks ago, the administration was suppossedly giving Iraq the option of an extension to complete the constitution. Then, not even two weeks later, they were pressuring to have the document completed. Were they really giving them the option of an extension? If so, why pressure for completion? Maybe it was a public relations sham. Who knows? The issue now is the fact that the administration was so completely confident that the constitution would be completed, even when it became obvious that the document would not be ready. They kept saying so very publicly. My issue with this is not that the document was not completed, heck, I would expect it to be delayed since it is such a difficult undertaking. What bothers me is that the administration foolishly stated over and over again that it would be ready. To me that is just plain dumb. You are setting yourself up for a fall. Why say it will be ready and then have to eat your own words? I refuse to believe that at least one person in the administration did not know. They cannot be that incompetent. But if they did know, why say it would be ready and then make yourself look like an idiot. That I do not understand. I think that at times these folks are so fooled by their ideas that they will themselves to genuinely believe that the outcome will be as they would want, when all the evidence so clearly points to the contrary. Can anyone see the danger of this pattern of thought. Have you ever willed something to happen?


Anonymous jamal said...

It appears that the Bush administration is always wrong... even when they lie!

5:29 PM  

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