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Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Iraqi Constitution Facing Tough Road

The Iraqi consitution's deadline passed again yesterday and the document was not completed. But if you were to hear the media and the government play it out, it was presented on time. This is what they said: it was presenetd on time, but they gave themselves three more days to resolve some of the same issues from last week's delay. To me that sounds clearly like: IT WAS NOT READY. Why try to disguise it? This time around though, the Bush administration was much more careful about sounding too confident about the document's readiness. As of today, it looks like those issues that have been dogging the document's completion are not anywhere near being resolved. It is very possible that they will be left up to the voter's in a referendum. Federalism, the role of Islam, women's rights? Up to the voters, in a country with three large groups? If this document falls apart whatever hope is left for the successful transition to democracy will be shattered and I would suspect the country will fall into civil war.
Bush: Iraq's Sunnis face choice on constitution


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