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Friday, August 05, 2005

Less Than Half Think Bush is Honest

It is a reflection of how bad things are going when President Bush, a commander-in-chief who has prided himself in having great integrity, resilience, and honesty, has lost the majority (if you are to believe in poll numbers) when it comes to his honesty. For the first time less than 50%, 48% to be exact, of the country thinks that President Bush is honest. 50% think he is dishonest. To put this change into perspective, one of the most difficult things to do is to change the public's perception of a person after it has been established. The public tends to resist any notion that goes against what they have imprinted regarding a certain individual, i.e. President Bush. He has long been viewed as a regular Joe of sorts, an honest and resilient fellow that will level with you. This perception has slowly shifted to that of a regular politician, which of course (and those of us who follow politics intensely know) he has always been. He has been very good at hiding it, and therefore gotten in good with the public. Now the heat is on. Iraq is not going well, his top advisor is involved in a scandal, shady deals to pass bills in Congress are taking place, etc. Bush is looking more like the politician he has always been than the facade of the regular Joe. He is not a regular Joe. Regular Joes eat with you at the dinner table, they drink a beer with you during the football game. When was the last time President Bush sat with you or anyone you know to drink a beer? Point made.
Poll: Fewer Americans think Bush is honest


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