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Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Pat Robertson: "Stupid is as stupid does!"

Another religious zealot makes a stupid remark. Pat Robertson called today for the assassination of Venezuelan dictator Hugo Chavez. Yes, that is right, his assassination. Publicly, on nationwide TV. I thought one of the ten commandments was "thou shalt not kill". Maybe Mr. Robertson sees it like some view the constitution: open to interpretation. Maybe he interprets it as "thou shalt not kill, except when it is in your best interest". That sounds more like it, don't you think? Why don't these idiots keep their mouths shut? What are they honestly trying to achieve? To publicly call for somebody's murder? That makes you a MURDERER! Let me clear something first. I definitely think the Mr. Chavez is a dangerous person and an eye should be kept out on him. But to publicly call for his assassination is just plain dumb. The CIA has in the past planned assassination attempts on world leaders that threatened U.S. interests, but they certainly did not go on national TV and announce it. These things happen behind closed doors for a reason. I'm sure that the assassination of Mr. Chavez is not Mr. Robertson's idea, somebody else will also have thougt of it. But the other individual has not been stupid enough to anounce it on TV and put himself in hot water unnecessarily. Plain and simple: Pat Robertson is an IDIOT.
Robertson Calls for Chavez Assassination


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