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Friday, September 09, 2005

Requirements To Work for President Bush

There are three requirements to get a job in the Bush Administration:
1) Be a Republican
2) Be Bush's crony or a crony to Bush's cronies
3) Show unwavering loyalty to Bush and never ever criticize anything he says or does.

Other minor factors:
1) Qualifications
2) Experience
3) Leadership qualities

If you get hired, you will receive with the post:
1) Unwavering Bush support, regardless of performance
2) A lot of money
3) Connections to make more money during and after you leave
4) Become one of Bush's cronies
5) Possibly a Medal of Freedom, depending on how poor your performance is.

1) Michael Brown, head of FEMA. College roommate with Joe Allbaugh, ex-FEMA director
from '01-'03, and a Bush campaign manager.
Experienced in disaster management from his days as the commissioner of the International
Arabian Horse Association (because this organization has so much to do with disaster management). Oh yes, he was pretty much fired from this job.
2) George Tenet, ex-CIA director (although in this case he started in the Clinton White House),
and Medal of Freedom recipient for his outstanding work in the intelligence community pre
and post 9/11, and Iraq.
3) Donald Rumsfeld, Secretary of Defense, long time Bush crony dating back to daddy's days as
president. Excellent work in planning the Iraq pre and post war effort. So good in fact that
the president will not accept his resignation.
4) Five of the top eight officials in FEMA have little or no experience in disaster management
and they are Bush cronies which is an excellent qualification.


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