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Wednesday, September 28, 2005


Thank God! They finally indicted the bastard. I'm not one to boast or behave in a shamelessly biased manner, but I have never liked Tom Delay. He has always been shady character and it is more than clear that he has had crooked dealings in the past. The problem has always been whether that could ever be proven in court. Now we will get to see whether it can. Delay was indicted today for criminal conspiracy. The move will effectively force him to step down as House Majority Leader according to party rules. In Texas, Delay was the mastermind in the gerrymandering of district lines (among other things) that netted the Republicans 5 more seats in Congress and gave them a 21-11 edge in Texas. Gerrymandering is illegal, but the way they conducted the move made it difficult for minority Democrats to fight it. This happened around the same time that Democrats flew the coup to Oklahoma and later to New Mexico in order to try and stop the Republican's push for redistricting. One of the admonishments handed down last year by the House Ethics Committee to Delay was regarding his misuse of the FAA to track down the fleeing Democrats. While this does not mean delay will be found guilty, it does put a very very ugly stain on his resume. If he runs again for a 12th term, he will have to run as an indicted candidate facing the possibility of up to two years in jail, a candidate with a record three admonishments by the House Ethics Committee, a candidate with shady dealings with an indicted lobbyist by the name of Jack Abramoff, etc. It does not look good for Delay's future in D.C. Hopefully the Republicans will come to their senses and put a more honest individual in that powerful position. But in this Administration and Congress, can we really expect it?

Tom DeLay Indicted in Campaign Finance Scheme
DeLay indicted in campaign finance probe
DeLay to step aside after indictment


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