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Monday, October 31, 2005

Alito Nomination Likely to Create Political War

We might as well prepare for war because the latest Supreme Court nomination is going to precipitate one in the Senate. The nomination of Samuel Alito for associate justice of the Supreme Court is already drawing battle lines. The "gang of fourteen" has already scheduled a meeting for early thursday morning, and it will most likely be up to them to avert a nuclear meltdown in the Senate, as Democrats will surely filibuster this nomination and Republicans will call for the nuclear option. This is what I said would happen if Miers withdrew. It is worse for Democrats and better, a lot better, in fact, a near victory for the right wing of the Republican party. They defeated Miers before she even got to the hearings and forced a weak President Bush to nominate a clear cut hardcore conservative, one that will possibly cause a near collapse in the Senate.

P.S. On a lighter note, how do you like the sound of Associate Justice Alito? Doesn't quite pack the punch that Chief Justice Renquist does.

Bush Nominates Alito for Supreme Court

Shouldn't possible felons at least have to pay for their own defense?:
DeLay Reports Record Funds for Defense

Bush's Arrogance Will Hurt Him

It is incredible to me how absolutely the Bush White House is drunk with power, power that is diminishing by the second. Today the White House rebuffed calls for an apology, for firing Karl Rove and for shaking up some of the staff. It is utterly amazing that this White House is so blinded by its diminishing strength that they have become stupid. Yes, I said stupid. Of course, the White House is a reflection of the President himself. Bush is not one to apologize, or admit mistakes, or do anything whatsoever that a normal man would do when he is repeatedly and embarrasingly proven wrong. I can understand resistance to firing Rove, after all he is Bush's right arm. I can even understand resistance to bringing in new blood. But to not apologize for the unethical, and most likely illegal conduct of his staff members, is just stupid. A large majority of the country agrees that White House staff members Rove, Libby and even VP Cheney himself behaved at least unethically. This, in the public's eye is an outright abuse of the confidence and trust that is placed on the White House. Do these fools not realize how much very badly needed political ground they could recover if Bush where to humble himself and apologize to the nation for crimes committed under his watch? They cannot be stupid enough to think that the tough guy attitude is going to cut it. That ploy has been shattered completely after the White House's incompetent performance under Bush in recent months. The lack of an apology, which essentially is a slap in the face to the people who put Bush in office, is just another example of a White House that is so drunk and arrogant with power that they fail to see how much help a small gesture of humility can accomplish. And let's face it, Bush needs a lot of help right now.

White House Rebuffs Calls for Shakeup

Friday, October 28, 2005

Libby Indicted, Rove Survives for Now

VP chief of staff Lewis "scooter" Libby was indicted today on 5 counts related to the CIA leak case. Perjury two counts, obstruction of justice one count, and making false statements two counts. Karl Rove was spared today, although he still remains under investigation. Libby is accused of lying to the FBI and the grand jury regarding his handling of information pertaining to Valerie Plame. Libby resigned his post this morning as word came down of his pending indictment. President Bush and Vice President Cheney both issued statements shortly thereafter.

It is interesting to note that Libby was not charged with the original crime of outing a covert CIA agent. This does not necessarily mean that a crime was not committed, as most Republicans are claiming (and you would expect them to). It just means that the burden of proof for this crime is almost unattainable. Under the 1982 there has only been one conviction. In 1985 a CIA officer was convicted under the statute and sentenced to 5 years in jail. But the case was pled guilty so it never made it to trial therefore the burden of proof was never tested. Who really knows what lies in a person head or heart? How can you possibly prove what someone was thinking when they committed an act?

If convicted on all counts, Libby could face up to 30 years in prison and up to a 1.25 million dollar fine. That is unlikely though. What is more interesting is how did Libby, a man known for his meticulous attention to detail and information, a man who is considered among the smartest in D.C., get caught on such a stupid lie. How could he so foolishly put himself at such peril. Can we honestly believe that this man thought he could concoct this story and get away with it? I don't think Libby is that dumb at all. Specially when there is documentation that contradicts what he told the grand jury (and I am sure he was aware that these documents existed). So, why did Libby lie? Is he protecting someone, or something? If so, who or what? One thing is for sure, there is more to this story than meets the eye. Will we ever know the whole truth? I certainly hope so.

Cheney Adviser Resigns After Indictment

Thursday, October 27, 2005

Oil Companies Ripping Off Record Profits

While we pay sky high prices for gasoline and energy prices are rising at unimaginable rates, these crooked oil tycoons are reaping in record profits. Exxon Mobil, and Shell raked in record profits and income. In the last quarter, Exxon Mobil made $9.92 billion in profits from $100.72 billion in revenues. That is a 75% increase in profits. And these crooks say that they are not ripping us off. Please! How do they justify these ridiculous profits unless the price of gas is outrageously unwarranted? The Bush Administration and the Republican Congress also bear a lot of the blame since they are in bed with energy and oil companies (if you don't think so, then I suggest you look seriously into Vice-president Cheney's past). I know, I live in Houston. They outright rip us off while these tycoons make a load of cash. But what the hell can we do? Nothing really. So all this is just me ranting because it costs me $40 bucks to fill my car when it used to be $23.
Exxon Mobil, Shell Post Record Profits

Miers Nomination Withdrawn. Bush Embarrassed.

Miers is out. Supreme Court nominee Harriet Miers withdrew her nomination early this morning and President Bush "reluctantly" accepted. According to the White House, Miers herself made the decision citing a difficult process ahead that could compromise advice she had previously given to the President, and therefore not in the nation's best interest. The White House says that they were not willing to provide documentation requested by senators because it would violate attorney-client priviledge. Without those documents the senate would not approve her and since the White House was not going to budge they were at a stalemate. That is the White House's story. This is what really happened. The nomination of Harriet Miers was received with such disdain and outrage by the religious right, that they mobilized their very powerful machine against it. With Bush facing troubles in Iraq, legal scandals in his staff and other serious issues, alienating his base any further was just not an option, therefore he had to withdraw the nomination in disguised fashion. The nomination was disguised under the guise of attorney-client priviledge. The real reason was that there was not enough support for Miers to get muscled through. But to outright admit it would be an inmense embarrassment for Bush, and how he hates to wrong! So a scheme was developed to be able to withdraw the nomination for another reason than because it had no support. The ruse of Senate document petitions and the White House refusals was supposed to give them a more honorable out. But the move was so transparent and predictable that the White House looked even more foolish and embarrassed than if they had outright admitted that Miers was defeated before even making it into the ballpark. I guess Bush really doesn't have any political capital like he claimed. But then again, I said that a long time ago.
Bush Abandons Push for Miers Nomination

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Americans Do Not Trust Their Leaders

A whopping 73% of Americans do not have confidence in their leaders. What can you expect after all the turmoil within the leading Republican party? The Bush White House is under fire with two of its top dogs, Rove and Libby, and maybe even Cheney, facing the threat of indictment over the CIA leak case. Former House majority leader Tom Delay already indicted twice and possibly facing a career ending trial. Senate majority leader Bill Frist being investigated for possible insider trading. Iraq seems to get no better, and the dreaded milestone of 2000 dead has been reached. Consumer confidence dipping once again. Congress with a 29% approval, and Bush at 39%. Three hurricanes have exposed how truly weak and vulnerable we are at home thanks to the civilian leadership, mostly Republican, in Washington. Would you like me to go on or do you get the picture? This is the poorest performance by a one party dominated government I have ever seen or read about. Is there any excuse as to why the country has gotten into so much trouble? Yes, there is, not an excuse, but a reason. ABSOLUTE POWER CORRUPTS ABSOLUTELY. It does not matter whether it is Republican or Democrat, too much power will destroy the foundation of our morals and compromise our integrity. It can come from money, physical strength, knowledge or many other areas. But when that power is all concentrated in one spot, as it is in the presidency of the most powerful nation in the world, you can make a case for that person at some point being corrupted by his human nature. That is when you see the problems begin, and we have reached that point.
Most Americans lack confidence in leaders - poll

Delay's Attorney Paid for by Campaign Money

This is great! He possibly breaks the law and his political donors pay for his attorney. It is wonderful how our system works. And oops, he forgot to disclose it according to congressional rules. I wonder what else Tom Delay "forgot" to disclose to Congress? This is one those things that should be made illegal, using political contributions to pay for criminal defense fees. If there is one thing in this country that everyone knows is for sale, it is justice. Justice is for the rich. Why should Tom Delay, who is already rich, have his bills payed for? The least he could is pay for them himself.
DeLay Acknowledges Failure to Report Money

Brown's Back Again!

Have you ever heard of a person who got fired asked to stay on the job as a consultant for 60 days? And that person being the most incompetent idiot to ever hold the position he "resigned" from? FEMA's idiotic ex-director Michael Brown has been asked to stay for an extra thirty days to assess the damage caused by Katrina (and his incompetence I might add). Only in the Bush Administration.

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