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Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Bush White House: What? Me Worry?

So what else is new? The White House, or more precisely President Bush, doesn't care what the public thinks about him. This is old news. The President has never been one to listen to what the public itself wants. Polls have always been ignored, or so they claim. With consistently low poll numbers being released every week, his lowest ever actually, the White House insists that polls are something Washington gets caught up in. They say they are not concerned. That is a complete and utter falsehood. In fact, they are very worried. But of course, in the Bush White House any show of weakness is forbidden. Hence, we have a President that had not admitted a mistake (even though he clearly committed a great many serious ones) until he was forced to do so (with Katrina's handling) or face a possible revolt by the American people resulting in the loss of Congress for the Republicans. Whether he halted that or not remains to be seen, but I would venture to speculate that the damage done by Katrina, along with every other problem Republican's face in Capitol Hill, will result in them losing at least the House or the Senate. Although the White House will not publicly acknowledge its worries over the polls, they in fact are very concerned because it affects the agenda for not only the White House, but for the Republican party itself. Low poll numbers usually translate into members of Congress distancing themselves from an increasingly unpopular President. After all, they are still politicians that have to get reelected themselves. If they venture to support and unpopular President's agenda, they risk their political futures, and we all know that no politician would ever do that. When a President begins losing his support in Congress, it makes it very difficult for any of his proposals to get approved in Congress. Even now, when Republicans have a sizable majority in Congress, they are facing an extremely difficult task in moving the right's agenda. At a time when passage of bills should be easier than in the past, the Republican's find themselves at odds with themselves, facing revolts from inside. They have been drunk with power for the past few years and along the way they forgot that their is still a public that holds them accountable, just like it did in 1994 when it kicked corrupt Democrats out of power in the House of Representatives, where they had the majority for 40 years.

The Bush White House was handed more gifts than any other in history. When 9/11 occurred, it was a terrible time but it resulted in the unification of the American people, resulting in over 90% approval rate and unwavering support for Bush. It gave the country and incredible amount of goodwill from every nation in the world. It was a time were everyone in the world was American. The press backed off from criticizing the White House, therein eliminating the most important check and balance in a free society. The White House had a free pass to do almost anything it wanted. What did the Bush Administration do? Abuse the system. They squandered every ounce of goodwill and made us the most hated country in the world. It divided this country into extremes not seen before. It took us into a war supported by lies that cost the lives of almost 2000 Americans (and counting) and stretched the economy (and the military) to its limits. All for what? What will be the legacy of President Bush? So far the outcome in Iraq looks cloudy at best, and that is his most important judging factor. Everything else is in such poor condition that if he were to judge himself on those issues, he would most likely be the worst president this country has ever had. There are already those who argue that.

Sadly, the Bush Administration has given the Republican Party a bad name. A party once known for fiscal responsibility and defense, integrity (although Nixon killed that), is now associated with right wing religious nuts who abandon all rational thinking for beliefs and faith. Beliefs and faith have an important role to play in society, but not to determine the how's and what's of society. Unfortunately, the right wing has hijacked the leadership of the party and in the process given way to intolerance for any who see things differently. The Republicans are at war with themselves. Those who seek a more moderate stance on the issues continually face the risk of not being reelected. The McCain's and Guiliani's of the party, who I think would be good for this country, face a difficult challenge in winning their own primaries (even though they would most likely win the presidential election), because they have defied the party line. It is no longer what is good for the country that matters to the Republicans, it is what is good for the party. Since when did the party become more important than the country?

So the Bush White House says they are not worried about poll numbers. Who do they think they are kidding? Right now, the agenda is so hampered that its #1 priority, Social Security reform, is dead in the water, Iraq is a mess (or a mess in progress as they like to say), corruption is rampant even inside the White House, we have constant unsubstantiated terror threats that cost millions of dollars every time and disrupt daily life all to end up being hoaxes, incompetence in important positions such as FEMA results in poor disaster management and loss of life, should I go on? You get the idea. I would say that Bush has a much bigger problem (well at least he views this as his worst nightmare): he is beginning to look like his father did in his second term. And we all know that the last thing Little Bush ever wants is to become like daddy.

As for Democrats? Who knows? They are about as clear as mud when it comes to where they stand on the issues. At least Republicans know where they stand, even if it is not in the nation's best interest.

White House shrugs off sinking Bush poll numbers


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