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Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Judith Miller's Credibility Under Question

Once thought of as a heroine and a prime example of what a journalist should be, Judith Miller from the New York Times, who spent 85 days in jail to protect a source in the CIA leak case, is going down in flames faster than the Titanic sank. Miller's weekend account of her four hour testimony to the grand jury raised more questions than it answered and it put a cloud of doubt over her credibility. Statements she made, such as not remembering what source gave her the Valerie Plame name (which is about as ridiculous as Woodward and Bernstein not remembering who Deep Throat was and it also means that she went to jail to protect a source she doesn't even remember), have seriously raised doubts about how forthcoming she has been, and certainly have raised the question of whether she is protecting a higher source. That is the $64,000 dollar question! If she is protecting a higher source, who is higher than the Vice-President's Chief of Staff? One: the White House Chief of Staff and the he is already implicated so she could not be protecting him. Two: The Vice-President himself Dick Cheney. Three: President Bush. Most likely it is number two if there is any truth to the rumors. The special prosecutor is focusing on the Vice-President's office and there is increasing chatter that maybe as soon as tomorrow indictments might be handed down. As for who might get indicted, no one knows for sure. We will just have to wait and see if it happens at all. As for Judith Miller, whom I once thought was a respectful person in a sea of weak journalists, that opinion is degenerating by the minute. It is becoming more and more clear that she was most definitely pushing the White House Iraq agenda in light of all contradictory evidence and that she has not been as forthcoming with the grand jury than might have been expected. She was given secret clearances that were not given to other reporter's embedded with the Army (why was she so special?). She very visibly exhibited very unprofessional behavior during the lead up to and during the war. The question is why? Is she hiding something? Is she protecting someone?

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