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Thursday, October 13, 2005

Letter From Al Qaeda Suspect

I am not one to jump into conspiracy theories or anything of the sort. Never have been and never will be. That being said, I would like to give you a few strange coincidences regarding this supposed letter from Al-Qaeda's #2 to the top Qaeda man in Iraq.

The letter, which was written on July 9th (supposedly) more than three months ago, was just now found. The week of the Iraqi Constitution vote. The letter alleges that "Al Qaeda's second in command Zawahri urged the group's leader in Iraq to prepare for an Islamic government to take over the country when U.S. forces leave. He said brutal tactics risked alienating Muslims." The letter also warned Zarqawi that the killing of Shi'ite civilians and hostages risked alienating Sunnis at a time when al Qaeda in Iraq should be seeking popular support for a new religious state.

Since when has Al Qaeda given a damn about killing innocent civilians? Why would they start now? And why in the world would they write a letter that shows discontent and disagreement between ranks? Al-Qaeda has released statement denying the contents of this letter found by American troops. I cannot help but to put more weight to Al-Qaeda'a denial than to the authenticity of the letter. The timing is too suspect, the contents completely at odds with everything that they have done in the past. And how did the letter survive three months with all the destruction going on and just so happened to be found the week of the Iraqi constitutional referendum vote? If it was found earlier, why release it now except for political purposes? Also, since when have Shi'ites and Sunnis gotten along well enough to care if the other is killed? See all these questions? Isn't it at least a little suspect that this letter is so conveniently available this week? Remember that misinformation has always been a very effective tool, and this government uses it more than any in the recent past. From fabricating its own fake news report to promote No Child Left Behind, to taking an optimistic view when everything else contradicts it, to slurring an American war hero in John Kerry (although a lousy Presidential nominee) with dirty stories and lies, ect. I'm just saying that you should take these developments with a grain of salt. ALWAYS!

Al Qaeda in Iraq says Zawahri letter is fake: Web


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