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Thursday, October 13, 2005

President's Teleconference Staged

So much for reality TV. This morning President Bush held a public teleconference with ten soldiers in Iraq. It was perfect. In fact, it was so perfect that it backfired! The entire teleconference was so completely on the mark that no one veered off script at all. Everything was done so perfectly that this could be a stage production on Broadway. CNN's Lou Dobbs and Anderson Cooper reported today that the teleconference was basically staged for PR purposes. This is true, and I would expect nothing less from a White House that produces its own fake news. Sadly, it puts the soldiers in an unfavorable light. This is the sad truth about blindly supporting a cause that you are fighting for someone else's greed or foolishness. These ten soldiers, all soldiers for that matter, have to believe that they are doing the right thing. Else how do you justify all the violence and deaths? They have to be able to believe in their Commander in Chief, their leader, their President. How can you fight a war and expect to win if you do not believe in the cause? Of course they are going to believe and support their President. You cannot ask a soldier a question about Iraq and expect an unbiased answer. It is impossible. I would be afraid if I heard a soldier speak about Iraq the way we see and talk about it here. If they, the ones on the front lines, cannot believe in this cause, then we are already doomed. We are completely dependent on them. A job made that much harder by a political leadership that has proven itself about as competent as they are honest.


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