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Thursday, October 13, 2005

White House Blindly Optimistic. Again

These are the issues and statements that completely stupefy me when it comes to trying to believe anything the White House says. There is a blind optimism that completely contradicts everything that is factual, visible, and currently ongoing not only in Iraq, but in domestic issues, international issues and every branch that our government influences. You cannot help but think that these people are, well, STUPID! I am sorry, there is no other way to describe it. How can you possibly support a point of view that has been proven wrong time and time again, and is done so every day?

It is common knowledge that the Bush Administration blundered the post-war plan, in fact, they didn't even have one! The statements by political officials like Rumsfeld, Cheney, and others showing their ignorance to the post-war problems are readily available. The famous line "we'll be greeted as liberators" and the more ridiculous one of flowers being thrown at them in the streets of Iraq exemplifies my point. Then a CIA report reveal what everyone already knows about the incompetent handling of the post-war effort and what does the White House do? Completely ignore it and say that they did plan for the post-war effort! Can you believe the arrogance?

Let us entertain for a nanosecond that maybe they did plan for the post war. Look at how incompetent and stupid the political minds have been with the handling of the aftermath. They have put our troops in more danger, as if it wasn't dangerous enough. From the lack of funds to support our troops, to the incorrect number of troops needed to invade, to the failure to secure the borders, to the lack of oversight in accounting that has lost 8 billion dollars, this is planning? I would hate to see what would have happened if they hadn't planned for the post-war.

White House ignored CIA warning of post-war chaos in Iraq: report


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