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Tuesday, November 08, 2005

CIA Leak Probe II: Revenge of the Republicans.

Or so they think!

Today, Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist and House Speaker Dennis Hastert sent a letter to Senate Intelligence Commission Chairman Pat Roberts and his House counterpart Peter Hoekstra, demanding an immediate investigation into who leaked to the Washington Post information regarding secret CIA prisons. They cited in the letter that the leak endangered national security and would "imperil our efforts to protect the American people and our homeland from terrorist attacks."

Most likely thinking it was a Democrat who leaked, this move by both leaders is a very transparent attempt to put the target on Democrats' back, probably as retaliation for the White House CIA leak case. The funny thing about the whole deal is that the leak probably came from a Republican, according to Sen. Trent Lott. I bet Frist and Hastert were not expecting that. Their attempt seems to have backfired. Hastert has already signed the petition for the investigation, but Frist, who called on the investigation, now that a Republican could possibly be the source, is hesitating. Eventually I think he will have to signed in order to not look like a schmuck. If it is a Republican that leaked, I guarantee Frist and friends will say that they hold anyone who breaks the law accountable, even in their own party. It is also speculated that Lott will clarify his remarks (or muddy them if you ask me, since he can't be any clearer) later this evening, possibly in an effort to pull back from his earlier assertion. We will see.

Now, the leak of the CIA prisons is very disturbing in that it is classified information. Whoever leaked it should be held accountable. That said, the information was probably leaked to shed light on the possibility that illegal activities are taking place in these secret prisons. While leaking the information is bad, what is happening inside these facilities could be worse, and unless somebody leaked that information to the media, whatever is happening would never be discovered.

Frist, Hastert Consider Prison Leak Probe


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