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Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Democrats Maintain Governorships

Democrats won governor elections yesterday in New Jersey and Virginia, both by a comfortable margin. These two particular races were seen as key because of the problems the Republican party has had as of late. They were seen as a measure as to the mood of the country, and both parties were watching them closely. Now that the Democrats held both posts, they will play up the victories as much as possible while Republicans play them down.

I would not go as far as to say that these elections dictate exactly what is going on, specially since both positions were held by Democrats in the first place. I do think that they show a changing view of the Republican party to some extent, specially in Virginia, where President Bush showed up at the last minute to help Republican candidate Kilgore fire up their base. Kilgore lost to Democrat Kaine by a comfortable margin and it is clear that the President's appearance did not help. This is more a reflection on Bush's presidency than it is on the Republican candidate. State elections are different from federal elections. They have other problems and issues to solve than the federal government. The candidates run on issues that are important to their constituency, in this case Virginia and New Jersey, not on federal issues.

More revealing was the special election held in California by The Governator. All four of his reform initiatives were shot down, clearly showing that he is not well liked right now. At odds with his first year as governor, where he worked with both parties to pass very important legislation, Ahhnold decided to pick fights with the wrong crowd and lost. This is a bit hypocritical of him, claiming to go after special interests, when his campaign received a lot of donations from special interests too, just different ones. The Governator is in trouble, and he knows it. Last night, as soon as it was evident his initiatives would not pass, he changed his tune to that of stop the fighting, that the people of "Kahlifohnia" want the fighting to stop. Well, if I remember well, he is the one that began the fighting in the first place. It is funny how politicians change their tune when things do not go their way. Ahhnold ran on a platform of being the non-politician candidate and he has proven to be just another dirty politician.

Democrats Win Elections in N.J. and Va.


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