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Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Why a Torture Exemption for the CIA?

Merely saying it does not mean it is so! If the United States does not torture and does not wish to torture, then why is Dick Cheney fervently seeking an exemption for the CIA on torture ban? If we don't torture, why does the CIA need it? Needless to say that Cheney is pushing for this measure alone, since the overwhelming majority of Congress does not agree with him. Senators, for once are listening to someone with experience on the matter, John McCain, who was tortured in Vietnam as a POW, as opposed to listening to the chickenhawk and multiple time draft dodger Cheney. The White House has threatened to veto a torture ban bill, but they seem to forget that it passed the Senate by a 90-9 vote, more than enough for the 67 votes needed to overcome a presidential veto. If the chickenhawks, and I emphasize chicken, keep pushing, they will most likely end up embarrassed on the Senate floor and in front of the country. We can all agree that the White House does not need any more embarrassments under its belt right now.

Bush Declares: 'We Do Not Torture'


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