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Monday, December 12, 2005

Bush Fields Questions

In the past few days President Bush has done something that he has never done before: he has admitted mistakes, he has talked in front of a non-military crowd, and today he actually fielded questions from the audience. I give him two thumbs up for actually getting in the line of fire. But why should he get props for doing what a president should do? Shouldn't all Presidents answer to their people? President Bush is known for not being media friendly, and judging by his past performance I do not blame him or any in his staff for limiting his press conferences. Widely considered to be one of the worst public speakers to ever hold office (I do not mean this in a disrespectful way, it is just a fact), it is a testament to how things are going with the administration that they have to send the President to a press conference and actually field a few questions (which he hates doing). Still, the President has had it easy. He has not hosted a real pack of wolves. Indeed, it would be ineteresting to see Mr. Bush host the most aggresive reporters, those who will ask the tough questions. Oops, I forgot, that breed hardly exists anymore. One thing is for sure, whether the President performs well or not in the press conferences, it will be good for his ratings. They are at an all time low, and anything that remotely resembles an attempt to level with the public will benefit him. I think the public wants to hear from him, even if he mangles the english language or stutters more than he actually talks. It is good to see the Commander in Chief talk to the people. Now is he telling the truth or twisting it I will not comment on, you can do your own research regarding that matter and make up your own mind.

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