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Friday, January 06, 2006

Republican Woes, Crazy People, and War Violence

On to other news. Where do we start. It seems that everytime I have to go out of town, or when I do not have the time to write, things explode.

Ubercrooked lobbyist Jack Abramoff pled guilty on Tuesday to a number of felonies after striking a plea deal with the prosecution. Even so, Abramoff faces up to 30 years in prison. If there is one thing you can count on, it is that Abramoff is going to sing like a bird. This development has Republican congressmen (and a few Democrats) shaking in their boots (although they will deny it to death, i.e. Bob Ney of Ohio -R, who is atop the hit list and the most likely to be implicated). It is estimated that as many as 20 representatives and their aides will be implicated, possibly even more. More than 70 lawmakers are returning donations from Abramoff and his clients, over $700,000. Some are not giving back such as Rep. Patrick Kennedy - D, Sen. Carl Levi - D, Rep. John Doolittle - R, Sen Harry Reid - D, just to name a few.

Pat Robertson is an idiot again (like that is a surprise). Robertson said on his show that Israeli PM Ariel Sharon, who is lying in the hospital after a severe stroke, was being punished by God for "dividing God's land". The White House has condemned the comments, and rightly so. I have an even better idea, why not lock him up in a looney bin? Is it about time that we shut these worthless idiots up (this crowd includes Rush Limbaugh, Jerry Falwell, on occasion Jesse Jackson, and on ocassion Howard Dean (although Dean doesn't say stupid things, he is just honest, blunt and unafraid to take on Republicans, something his gutless Democrats lack. So I'll spare Dean) and some I do not crae to remember. But the others need to go, specially Robertson.

Violence in Iraq has surged again, to some of the highest levels since the war began. Was the White House the last to realize that these drops in the amount of violence before and after major political events are only temporary? It has been like that sine the war started? What has really changed on the ground to make the situation better? I'm not saying that progress is nonexistent. In the political arena there have been elections (although they were not the way the White House wanted, but that is democracy), the adopting of a constitution, people actually wanting for the violence to cease, among other things. And that is good, that helps. But the most important factor in determining the outcome of the war, and most importantly the stability of a democratic (some say theocratic, and i lean towards their view) Iraq, is the security on the ground. And that is a battle that I don't any end in sight to. So, the question will be how much more death and financial sacrifice are the people of the United States willing to take?

Tom Delay's woes got bigger with Abramoff's plea. He now seems assured of not being able to regain his majority leader post. In fact, at least two dozen members of his own party in the house called for majority leader elections. Only 50 signatures are needed to hold an election.
Delay is most assured going to be heavily implicated in Abramoff's scandal. After Abramoff got into trouble, Delay ran away from the lobbyist faster than you can see. Can we all remember when Delay publicly called Abramoff "one of dearest friends"? Where is the support for his dear friend now? Oh, I forgot, he might be going to jail too! Does anyone really believe the rhetoric coming from his spokesperson about the political vendetta by the prosecutor, or that Delay is the victim of character assassination, or that poor little Tom still has the support of his party? Please!

I'll be back with some more comments tomorrow!

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