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Saturday, January 07, 2006

Tom Delay Will Not Reseek Majority Post

In what has been obvious to everyone watching, and probably to even himself (although he would not admit it), former House Majaority leader Tom Delay anounced today that he would renounce and not reeseek his leadership post. Delay has been in legal jeopardy for a while and Republicans have tried their best, even going as far as beginning this year's House session the latest since the 1930s, to protect him and allow time for him to reclaim the post. Although it was very doubtful that he would reclaim his post, some still held out hope. That hope was shattered this week when crooked lobbyist jack Abramoff struck a deal with prosecutors in an attempt to save his own skin a bit at least. Abramoff is widely known to have been on the in with Delay and his camp and it is widely expected that Delay will be dealt an almost career ending blow with the upcoming investigation's findings. Yesterday evening, a petition was circulated in the House of Representatives requesting signatures to hold elections for a new majority leader. Delay, faced with a party mutiny, could have opted to keep on fighting for his post and suffer the humiliation of his defeat and oust, or in a wiser move, renounce his post as quiet as possible, claiming that even though he would be exonerated, it was best that the party not be burdened with distractions caused by baseless accusations. In fact, that is exactly what he did. Once again blaiming others for his misdeeds. We will all have the opportunity to judge wether Delay has been telling the truth or not, but it looks very like he is in a lot of trouble, and could possibly end up in the slammer. What a sad and humiliating way for "the hammer" to fall from the halls of power.

Tom DeLay Steps Down As House Leader


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