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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Bin Laden Helped Bush's Re-election? You Be the Judge.

I agree with the President's conclusion that Osama Bin Laden helped him get re-elected. I believe that Bin Laden's tape a week before the election made up the minds of those undecided voters solely on the issue of national security. Better to elect someone you know, than risk an unknown during such tremulous times. If it were just that simple. Iraq had not become yet what it is today. Only those with knowledge of Middle East conflicts could have seen it, not your average American. Whether or not Bin Laden wanted Bush to get re-elected is another matter, and one very much up for debate. I personally think, and very logically conclude, that Bin Laden most likely wanted Bush to get re-elected. Whoever the President of the United States is will not affect Bin Laden's status as public enemy #1 of this country. So the idea that if Kerry had won in 2004, Bin Laden would have a better relationship with him than Bush is completely absurd. The United States and Al-Qaeda are sworn enemies and that will never change. But President Bush does something that Kerry doesn't, he inflames the jihadist movement. The biggest posterboy for terrorist recruitment has been President Bush. Not directly of course, no matter how misguided his actions, I do not think he means to harm the country. But the direction he has taken his administration, his policies, and most of all, the invasion of Iraq have hurt us tremendously. Iraq is of particular significance because its invasion gave credence to a statement Bin Laden had said in the past: that The United States would invade and occupy an oil rich Arab country. We can debate what the reasons for the invasion were, bad or good, smart or dumb, WMD's or spreading democracy, but it all comes back to the fact that an oil rich Arab country was attacked, proving Bin Laden's point. Bin Laden, for all practical purposes, has been isolated. He is no longer the active leader he once was. But he has become a symbol to many in the Middle East. His influence draws many with desires to hurt the West. Al-Qaeda has been hit hard, yes, but they replace one killed member with three or four times as many, maybe even more. How many times has President Bush said that we've killed Al-Qaeda's number 2? If we didn't have a brain we would think this guy is a cat, 9 lives and all. Each time a number 2 is killed, another one takes his place immediately and so on. The attack on Afghanistan, which was completely justified, decentralized Al-Qaeda. Today, Al-Qaeda has no central territory. It has become a beast with many heads. A medussa. You cut one head, and ten others spring up in its place. Al-Qaeda is active in over 64 countries. Each cell independent of each other, all with one goal in mind: hurt the West. Al-Qaeda has become an ideology of sorts, an ideology of hate towards the West. Ideology fosters action, in this case violence. Statements like "bring it on", or, "there's an old poster out west that says: wanted, dead or alive", or "we will fight them over there so we do not have to fight them here", all rhetoric to fuel Bush's conservative base, also fuels terrorism. They call this conflict "War on Terror", a ridiculous title seeing that terror is a tactic, not a country or physical territory. It is reminiscent of the "War on Drugs", another Bush family title. You do not really fight the drugs, you fight those who create and distribute the drugs. A more appropriate title would be what CNN's Lou Dobbs calls it: "War on Islamist extremists who commit terrorist acts," just as ridiculous but a least more sensical. Yes, Iraq has become the center of this war. Before the invasion it was not. Why has it become the center? BECAUSE WE ARE THERE! They no longer have to travel thousands of miles to kill westerners when they are right there in their backyard. The minute we pull out of Iraq, they will focus once again on America, because that is were we are. We are not fighting them there because THEY are there, THEY are fighting us there BECAUSE WE ARE THERE! Until the U.S. rexamines and re-evaluates its policies in the Middle East, which are the source of this western hatred, islamic terrorism will always chase after us. Terrorism does not exist because Bush is president, that is absurd. Terrorism has always been there, escalated with the creation of Israel in 1947. President Bush's actions have simply provided validation for extremist belief that America is everything that is wrong with the world. This happened when a man that had no prior experience or knowledge in foreign affairs, who was being taught by his future National Security Advisor about international relations and diplomacy during his campaign in 2000, and a man with a very strong belief in his ideology, was elected, then re-elected President of the United States of America. No one foresaw 9/11, but some did foresee the course which this misguided and amateurish foreign policy would embark us on, some as far back as 1990, when Bush senior was President. At least back then, sense, reality, and rational thought were of more importance than ideology. In 2004, no one listened and Mr. Bush was re-elected. We only have ourselves to blame for re-electing President Bush. We are paying the price for our own complacency, our laziness in not taking the time to learn who our leaders really are. The price we have paid is inmense, the cost not yet fully realized, and will not be for years to come. Look at where we are now. People have begun to see finally, but it is a little too late.

Bush says bin Laden tape aided re-election


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