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Thursday, February 16, 2006

Chertoff Under Fire

Homeland Security honcho Michael Chertoff is in a war zone. Congress that is. He was questioned a few days ago by senators and today by House representatives. He was oft criticized and even admitted that there was a failure in the Department's response. In all fairness to him, all levels of government failed in Katrina's response. I also happen to think that anyone in Chertoff's position would have had a difficult time, not because of incompetence, but because the Dept. of Homeland Security is a bureaucratic nightmare. It is becoming increasingly clear that its creation has done more to harm the country than actually help it, unintentionally of course. I do not think Congress was aware of the monster they were creating. I give a few points to the White House for being oppossed to it at first (though that opposition was more to avoid diluting White House power than them knowing how bad it could turn out). Still, Chertoff defended himself and the Bush Administration when accusations that they were disassociated with the situation in the days leading up to the disaster were leveled (some say they were too focused on terrorism). Chertoff aggresively defended himself saying he and the Administration were fully aware of what was going on and that any suggestion otherwise was simply false. Well pardon me if I choose to believe the facts on the ground in the disaster areas regarding awareness and response before I believe a word Chertoff or the White House says. I think those facts speak for themselves very graphically!

Chertoff Acknowledges Lapses in Response


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