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Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Supreme Court to Hear Abortion Case

Boy, it sure did not take them long to butt in. So much for transparency. Whoever suggests that newly confirmed Supreme Court justices Alito and Roberts are not right wing will get his answer soon. The Supreme Court decided yeaterday that it will hear a case involving late-term abortion. An almost exact case was decided 5-4 declaring the ban unconstitutional in 2000, of course Sandra Day O'Connor was the deciding vote. Do people really think that each party is really interested in nominating and confirming a justice because he will strictly interpret the Constitution? Please! These hypocrits on both sides are interested in advancing THEIR agendas. The nominees will almost always, if not always, be someone who thinks alike and is most likely to vote the way they want them to. That is why the confirmation of Alito, more than the Roberts one, was so appeasing to the right wing of the Republican party. They know that Alito will vote to overturn Roe vs. Wade when the chance comes. And it will, believe me, it will. They do not have any qualms about it. They will give a straight answer if asked. Not the politicians though, such as Bush, Frist, Santorum, Reid, Kennedy, Clinton, etc... they (in this case Republicans since they nominated the men) claim that they are nominated because of their excellent qualifications. No argument there, butthat is not the only bar set. I guarantee you that someone with the same or even better qualifications than these two accomplished men but with differing idiological and political views, would not even get the passed the first stage in the selection process. Why? Because it is always about advancing the party line and ideology. Yes qualifications are extremely important, they are essential to at least getting past the Senate judiciary committee. Else, you get a fiasco like the Myers nomination.

I do not have a stone set opinion on abortion. I understand why both sides argue their positions so fiercely. I think abortion can be barbaric at times, but I also think there are situations where it is the best, though extremely difficult, choice to make. I do not however believe that life begins at conception, or that each sperm is a living human being. If it is so the masturbation is the equivalent of murder and should be made illegal. I understand both sides when they argue with logic and science, safety and morals, not with ideology and God. If you are going to defend your side do so with strong sensical arguements supported by facts and statictics, what the dangers are, financial impact and ability or inability to support, not with God fearing diatribe, or in the liberals' case with a woman's choice should be hers no matter what. It takes two to tango, unless you are the Virgin Mary, and I highly doubt she would have opted for abortion.

In my somewhat strange and Machiavellian view, I would view the abortion issue as punishment and responsibility. Those who have opted to have sex, with all the contraceptives and warnings regarding their efficiency available today, should be aware of the possible consequences and therefore responsible for them. If someone gets pregnant, they knew the risks in having sex, why should they now get a free pass? They ought to assume the responsibility associated with the risk. They knew what they were doing, they screwed up, now pay up. If they do not like it, well that's just tough! Punishment baby! On the other hand, in a situation were a woman is raped and gets pregnant, or the mother's life is in danger, of course you should have abortion as an option. Also another question: why only the woman to decide? I said it takes two to tango. Should the father not a have say in the whole thing? Like I said, I do not have a stone set opinion on this issue but I can understand both sides, I just do not dismiss one or the other as completely wrong like politicians and parties do. You know what's funny, I will probably end up being in a situation as I just described above, both scenarios, as punishment for meddlesome rant on an issue so hearty to so money. Some would even call me blasphemous. But hey, freedom of speech right? At least I am not a hypocrit.

Supreme Court to weigh late-term abortion ban


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