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Monday, February 20, 2006

Who Better to Run Port Security than our Best Friends the Arabs!

Somebody call the Nobel Prize commitee, we have a peace prize nominee: the Bush Administration!

I usually refrain from namecalling or insults because it is counterproductive and downright nasty, but sometimes there is no other way to accurately describe actions and blunders. I am talking about the White House and Homeland Security contracting the United Arab Emirates to run 6 major U.S. ports. I am sorry but this is just so incredibly stupid, that it would seem like a bunch of incompetent imbeciles are running this country. I do not care how many safeguards they claim are built into this contract, just the idea of an Arab country, who has financed terrorism in the past (allbeit they are now "allies" in the War on Terror), running 6 of the access points into this country is absolutely idiotic. Karl Rove was right! I guess Democrats and Independents (like me) do have a pre-9/11 frame of mind because I still think that handing over port security to Arabs that probably hate us is plain stupid. I guess I am the idiot.

Why an Arab country? Are there no American companies that can handle this? Damn, I'll even contract Halliburton and hire Michael Brown as a consultant to the operation before the hiring the UAE! It is the same as hiring a recovering alcoholic as your head bartender! How long can he stay on the wagon with so much temptation? Why the added risk? You don't have a drug addict guarding the stash the DEA just confiscated, do you? Who in hell thought of this outrageously moronic idea? He shouldn't get fired, he should get beat up for being so dumb! Is it a sound idea to hand over port security to a country at the heart of the current conflicts, even if they are our allies? Is this not an extra risk? Even Inspector Clouseau can figure that one out.

This contract was drawn up by humans, very flawed and imperfect humans, just as we all are. Is it not reasonable to expect the possibility of these safeguards failing?. Hell, we just had two air marshals, who are suppossed to safeguard the security of our airways, arrested here in Houston for drug smuggling. Was the air marshal program not designed to protect our skies? It had safeguards too did it not? What happened to them? Is it too farfetched to think that those ports might face a similar situation, such as employees taking advantage of very sensitive positions for other purposes? I thought the White House and Republicans were supposed to be strong on fighting terrorism? How do you justify turning over port security to an Arab country with a history of terrorism? What's next? Mexico handling border security? Exxon CEO Lee Raymond in charge of our energy policy (though he probably already is) or head of the EPA? Hell, we already have drug companies in charge of Medicare. How about Tom Delay as head of the ethics committe in the House? Or Jack Abramoff as chairman of the independent commission (as if there will ever be one) to reform lobbying? Or even better, how about the Democrats in charge of winning elections!!!!! Ha ha ha... now that is funny.


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