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Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Democrats and Real Security? Or Wimpy Democrats and Real Security?

Today, 54 months after 9/11 and three years after the Iraq war began, the Democratic party has finally unveiled its national security strategy. Too bad it looks like everything else they do: wimpy. Not because it is wimpy, after no one really knows what is in it, but because its unveiling was rather unimpressive and more comedic than enlightening. House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi pulled a page right out of Bush's Book of Presidential Blunders. She talked about the Democrats providing "real security" while holding a sign that said: real security. Only the sign was upside down. DOOHH!!(for those of you Simpson fans). OK that is not terrible, but it will give birth to a Republican counter attack that will most likely go like this: Real Security? Again the Democrats are upside down on the issue.

The Democrats should have taken the time to make an explosive statement, an in your face, dare me to, approach in introducing proposed policies on the one issue that has lost them the last two electiona. At a time when the Republicans are losing ground on national security and terrorism, when the time is right to take an aggresive swing, they jab. The sound bites sound like everything the Republicans have said before. It doesn't resonate because there is no substance in the message. Eliminate Bin Laden? Hmm... where have I heard that before? How about finding him first? Can Democrats really expect us to believe they will do a better job without actually providing details of their plans? The party of Real Security? Show me the money! Tell me how you are going to do it, not just that you are! Details, plans, something palpable, not just rhetoric. We've had enough of that for five years. Look at where it got us.

Is their proposal good? Maybe. But how are we supposed to know?

If I were in charge of getting the message out, I would have used about $500,000 of the Democratic National Committee's account to print a booklet of approximately 50 pages containing the more important security issues and the democratic proposal, in detail. The rest of the issues (along with the important ones too), I would direct interested people to log on to the DNC website and review a more in depth explanation. These booklets I would distribute for free at libraries, bookstores, grocery stores, Congress, or anywhere that I can find people who want to listen. I would not, I repeat would not, utter stupid little phrases like "eliminate Bin Laden" or "real security'. Why? BECAUSE WE JUST DON'T BELIEVE YOUR RHETORIC BS!

Democrats Offer National Security Strategy


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