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Thursday, March 02, 2006

FEMA's Brown Not The Devil. White House Is!

I'll be the first to say that maybe the Bush Administration pulled a fast one on me, and all of you too probably. Maybe Michael Brown, ex-FEMA chief, widely seen as an idiot and the reason for all of FEMA's failures, was not as dumb or as liable for the disastrous response as the White House and Homeland Security want everyone to believe. I do know and have said in the past that Brown was made a scapegoat, but before I thought he was an idiot too. Now, maybe not so. There is now footage showing Brown in a more active and leading position than previously depicted. In contrast, video footage shows that BUsh and Chertoff were both warned about the possible destruction, in instances warned by Brown himself. Remember Bush and Chertoff both said that nobody warned them. Well, they are liars, with their pants on fire. How are they going to spin there way out of this one? Trent Duffy, White House spokesperson, was on Hardball with Chris Matthews today trying to defuse the explosive video. Duffy tried, unsuccessfull and stupidly, to diffuse the video by pulling a Clinton: he tried to redefine the meaning "situational awareness is". Situational awareness is just that: being aware of the situation. Plain and simple. This was in reponse to Bush's televised interview a few days ago where he said that there was no situational awareness, i.e. he was not aware of the situation!!! Then, the explosive video prooving his and Chertoff's aloofness to the "situational awarenessness"(Ha ha ha... I think that's funny) is released and BOOM!!! all hell breaks loose. Duffy said President Bush was aware of the situation, that the situational awareness he was refering to was on the ground, with comunication between teams on the ground. Duffy went on to define situational awareness as awareness of the lack of communication on the ground because cell phone towers were down. What the hell? Since when does the military use cell phones? The military uses SATELLITE PHONES WITH SATELLITES IN SPACE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! A hurricane ain't gonna go to space and knock our satellites out! If it does, then I'll name it Hurricane. E.T., I lay royal claim to the first alien hurricane in the world! You could see Duffy cringing as he tried to morph the phrase into something that did not sound completely and utterly imbecilic, yet still worked to get the president off the hook. He failed.

If Michael Brown was unfairly made a scapegoat by the Bushies, I truly apologize. And I do think that there is reason to believe Brown was demonized unfairly. That said, Brown was still a Bush crony that got the job through connections, not qualifications. His performance would have to be evaluated now that this new information is out, it might have been good, bad, I don't know. But when he came in he certainly did not have the experience and qualifications for the position. My criticism in the regard stands. Would someone else have fared better during Katrina? WHo knows? You do not always have to be a professional to do a good job, othewise people would never know that they can be good at more than one career. It is not up to me to judge Michael Brown performance during Katrina, but it is fair to say that I no longer view him as the failure he was made out to be. I am sorry for that. My shift has moved on completely to the White House and Michael Chertoff at Homeland Security. Not only did they screw up the response, and as a result many people died, and many are still missing, and many lost everything, and the reconstruction is still a mess, they also lied and are still trying to lie in an effort to saved their lying asses!!

Ex-FEMA chief says video vindicates him


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