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Wednesday, March 29, 2006

No Shake Up at White House. More a Ruffle.

Yesterday President Bush anounced the resignation of Chief of Staff Andy card, the first major defection from the Bush team which has remained almost intact since he took office. Long rumored on the hill, a shake-up was talked about for weeks as the President's second term looked more and more on the way down. Card oversaw everything from the ports deal bombshell, to Katrina's failed response. Increasingly, most people on the hill believe that it was just too much. Card was the second longest serving Chief of Staff, servung for five and a half years in a job that averages 18 months. It is a burnout job, hence the short average serving time.

More interesting or surprising was Card's replacement, Josh Bolten. Bolten was the White House budget director, more importantly an insider. That is the real story here. Bush has not shaken things up. More like reshuffled the chairs. He has not brought new blood in. Bolten has been with the President since he was elected in 2000. Hardly comforting. You cannot change a bad atmosphere by using a component of the same old filter. You need a new filter. Bolten is not a new filter. He is in the mold of everyone inside the bubble. Definitely not a shake-up.

The question is why? Why choose someone who will bring the same ideas that got you in trouble the first time around? Is it a question of comfortability? Are we dealing with a President that cannot deal with people outside his sphere, is he scared of more realistic assessments? Is he just stubborn? Well, he is, but this stubborn? Maybe. Or is he aware that bringing in someone from outside will expose that person to everything inside this very secretive administration, and possibly something he doesn't want known? Something for you conspiracy theorist to ponder.

Bolten to Replace Card As Chief of Staff


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