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Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Yes! Saddam Is To Blame For Insurgency! Finally We Know!

Why not just blame it on aliens? They can't defend themselves. Or why not on God? After all isn't he supposed to be our ally in this war according to Bush? President Bush today proceeded to blame yet another party, not himself or his administration for the troubles in Iraq. He blamed Sadaam Hussein for the insurgency and all the violence in Iraq. Hussein? Huh? I thought he was in prison and on trial.

The democrats? They didn't make the decision to go to war so not viable. The terrorists? They only comprise about 10% of the insurgency, and people know it. The media? That backfired last week when the White House looked like fools, and when that cute little story about Talafur was not entirely accurate. Saddam Hussein? Yeah sure, why not? Let's blame the original bad guy. I knew that guy was doing something everytime he ranted during his trial and then when he starved himself for a few days. Telepathy!! That's what he was doing, communicating telepathically with his followers and giving them orders! Didn't see that one coming. Impressive, very impressive.

But don't you dare blame Bush. After all he tried everything to prevent invading. Like waiting out the U.N. inspector's results, like looking at ALL the intelligence objectively, like telling the public the truth, and most important, communicating with God. God TALKS TO HIM so he knows what he is doing. This is just a test of his faith and if he stays the course God will reward him. Remember if you don't have faith you then you GO TO HELL!! AND YOU BURN FOR ALL ETERNITY! AND SADDAM HUSSEIN IS THE DEVIL!

Bush blames Iraq's instability on Hussein


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