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Thursday, April 06, 2006

Bush Authorized Leak of Classified Intelligence!

What is our nation coming when the highest office of the land, The Presidency, authorizes the leaking of classified information as a form of political retribution? Is the right to disagree and criticize without fear of retribution not part a democracy, and inherent in the first ammendment? How do you justify destroying someone's career because they disagree with you and publicly state it? If this were anywhere else, i.e. the business world it would be a legitimate form of attacking your opponents. But when it is the Presidency of the United States, who has self proclaimed their integrity and moral conviction unrelentingly, how do you justify your deception and lies regarding the matter, which undoubtedly has become a matter of national security?

In court paper filings it was revealed that "Scooter" Libby, VP Cheney's ex-chief of staff and the only indicted person in the Valerie Plame CIA leak case, said Cheney said the President authorized the leaking of sensitive classified intelligence about Iraq to the press. It is not stated that the direct leaking of the CIA operative was authorized, but ut does show that Libby was put in play to counter attacks by war opposers. The President of the United States authorized the leaking of classified intelligence! Leaking!

What happens from here on? The revelation thet the President himself authorized leaking information makes the legality of the issue null, since the President has the power to declassify information as he deems it. Bush deciding to authorize the leak can be considered a declassification order. But the political implications are enormous. At a time when the President is at an all time low in his approval, his White House assailed with all kinds of criminal investigations and staff arrests, another brick falls. Bush publicly said that anybody involved in the information disclosure would be fired. Well, he was the one who authorized it, if the court documents are correct (and there is no reason to believe that they are not). He blatanly lied. No crime, per say was commited, but his credibility is even more shattered. And more importantly, his moral conviction destroyed. I do not think anyone expected this to go all te way up to the Oval Office. I think most people were aware of Cheney's possible involvement, but drew the line there. More out of a resistance to the idea that your Presidency would invlove himself in such a dirty and criminal matter. Well, it is no longer criminal (although Libby will remain charged because he is accused of perjury and obstruction of justice, not leaking classified information), but it is dirty and morally defamatory. Tom Delay always talks about the politics of personal destruction, well our President was apparently more involved in these politics than anyone ever knew.

What have we come to when we elect a man who sent the nation to war on lies, who has created an ailing economic atmosphere, sunk the country into debt, struck secret deals with energy companies resulting in record gas prices (and record profits for energy companies), an abysmal environmental record, made us hated around the world, who has presided over the highest increase in health care ever seen, who has failed to secure our borders and ports, who has eroded our civil rights in the name of national security (allegedly), should I keep going?, no I'll stop. I have always believed that a country always deserves the government they elect, but in this case, maybe I'm wrong. Do the people of the United States of America deserve the leadership they elected? Does anyone for that matter? Does anyone deserve this kind of leadership, a leadership that has destroyed 50 years of progress and endangered the future of our children? Could anyone have foreseen the extent to which this administration has hurt the nation?

Papers: Cheney Aide Says Bush OK'd Leak


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