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Thursday, May 25, 2006

Crooked ENRON CEOs Off to Jail


In a sign of long due justice, corporate ENRON crooks Kenneth Lay and Jeffery Skilling were convicted today on charges related to the collapse of energy giant ENRON. Lay was convicted on all eight charges against him. Skilling was acquitted of insider trading but convocted of all other, and more serious, charges. All said and done, both men will spend the rest of their lives in jail. Well done!

Two men who committed the equivalent of financial murder to more than 2000 people were finally brought to justice in what has been undeniably the most imporatant and captivating white collar crime trial to date. Yes, we have had the Adelphia, Worldcom, Tyco and Martha Stewart??? trials. But the corporate scandal that rocked the foundations of the investment world was undoubtedly the demise of ENRON. Almost five years after the company collapsed, the men who were at the helm, and long claimed that they were innocent, will rot in a cell. Personally I would have voted to execute them. These men destroyed so many people's lives that it just seems fair to me. A bit violent, but I stand by it.

Their defense, a prepostorous one, that they were not aware of what theire underlings were doing goes against everything that these two men forged throught their careers. Both Lay and Skilling were extremely hands on, and ENRON was their baby. They were involved in the most intimate details of the company's rise to superstardom. To suggest that they would cede such important roles to underlings and not supervise everything that was happening with their prized baby is about as stupid as the suggestion that O.J. didn't kill Nicole.

Good job DA's!!


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