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Thursday, May 25, 2006

Jefferson Needs to go!! (to Jail)

Last week's raid of Rep. William Jefferson, D-Lou, has stirred up Congress in a rare bipartisan reproach on the DOJ, FBI and the White House. Jefferson is crooked, and if he is as bad as it seems, then I have no problems with the FBI raiding his congressional office. Is it a constitutional infringement of executive power? That is up for debate. I particularly do not think it should matter if the you are in Congress or not, no one is above the law, and if proper warrants are obtained, nothing should be off limits. I emphasize proper warrants.

The Democrats, who are running on the slogan "culture of corruption" are caught in a dilemma. They need to get rid of Jefferson ASAP or risk looking like hypocrits that support a double standard. Jefferson, on the other hand, is behaving like any one of these crooks (the Tom Delay's, Bob Ney's, Jeff Skilling's, Ken Lay's, etc.) refusing to resign his senior democratic post and posing problems for the Democrats who want him out. Clearly the guy is tainted beyond repair (I would say guilty as sin, but we still have the presumption of innocence, even though only crooks stash bribe money in freezers) and he is an idiot if he thinks he stands any chance of remaining in Congress (that's excluding his possible jail time). He is the classic crooked politico who denies any wrongdoing in face of hard evidence, and will keep doing so until the cell bars shut in front of his face. Vote them all out of office. They are worth less than the gum stuck on the bottom of my shoe.

On a conspiracy theory note, why Jefferson's (a Democrat) office, and not Bob Ney's (a Republican)? Ney is in as much trouble as Jefferson in his dealings with Jack Abramoff. The only difference is that Ney has not been caught with 90K in his freezer. He is the target of federal corruption investigations, so why not play fair and raid his office too?


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